Risk Management

The idea of risk management is be aware of the potential risks that could affect you and your company, Our main focus is to prudently cover companies and their people in the most comprehensive and cost effective way.

Most companies need to answer multiple questions in order to find out what are the highest priority risks that need to be covered by insurance.

The questions that most affect your business's risks are based on severity and likelihood.

Factors that affect Risk


How sever would the risk event be and what financial and operational impact will it have on you and your business?

Will you have to:

- Go Bankrupt?
- Pay massive legal bills?
- Shut down your business?
- Use company assets to pay?
- Lay people off?
- Take time off?


What is the likelihood that things could happen that would trigger financial losses and lost business time? How frequently could it occur?

Will you have to:

- Change the way you operate?
- Absorb the costs and self insure?
- Can you afford to continually           absorb costs and expenses?
- Go Bankrupt?
- Pay constant legal bills?
- Shut down your business for a            time?

Risk Flight Plan

Airlines and pilots file flight plans for every flight they take, so they can identify potential risks and mitigate those risks by navigating a safer route to avoid or minimize those risks.

Wouldn't it be valuable having a "Risk Flight Plan" to help your business navigate and be aware of what potential risks and hazards could hurt your company's income and assets, as well as your own personal income and assets?

We can help point out and make you aware of some of the risks that are facing companies, executives and employees.

We can also help establish priorities and keep them cost effective to fit any budget.

That's what we mean by "Business Insurance Redefined".

We can help

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